How Our Founder Established the Pilates Studio

Nine years ago, Elizabeth Leonardi started her Pilates journey. She thought about how great she felt with her body and wanted other women to experience the same happiness. After finishing teachers' training and becoming certified Pilates Instructor, she built Luv Pilates to offer workouts for women who want to be in their best shape.

Developing a Sisterhood With Our Workout Sessions

At Luv Pilates, we believe that creating a sense of community within the studio gives a welcoming atmosphere to women. Experience Pilates exercises while having fun with others in the class. We want everyone to feel good after finishing our interactive workout sessions.

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Exercise With Us at the Studio

Our small and intimate sessions at Luv Pilates are tailored to everyone’s personal needs. We offer a wide range of Pilates workouts from classical and contemporary to mixed categories. Begin your fitness journey with us today.