Our Membership Rates and Workout Fees at Luv Pilates

At Luv Pilates, you will experience a challenging, low impact, full-body workout that is designed. to improve your flexibility, core strength, balance, and posture. Our instructors teach classical and contemporary Pilates using the Reformer, Tower, and Jump Boards

Class Rates:

New Client Intro Class

First-time drop-in: $20
New Client Offer
5-Class Pack: $145.00

Group Classes

Drop-in: $38.00
5-Class Pack: $170.00
10-Class Pack: $325.00
20-Class Pack: $630.00
30-Class Pack: $900.00

Auto-renewal Memberships

1x per week: $124.00
2x per week: $240.00
3x per week: $348.00
4x per week: $448.00
Unlimited: $500.00


50-Minute Session: $100
5-Pack (50 min.-Sessions): $450.00
10-Pack (50 min.-Sessions): $850.00

30-Minute Sessions: $65.00
5 Sessions (30 min. Sessions): $300.00
10 Sessions (30 min. Sessions): $550.00